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    War of the Immortals Dragon Blood Boss Locations and World Bosses

    Dragon Blood Locations:
    1  Eos-I             LV 50  Roan Harbor(65,243)
    2 Eris-II LV 55 Undead Canyon(114,171)
    3 Eros-III LV 60 Dwarves' Forest(80,173)
    4 Naiads-IV LV 65 Doomed Jungles East(213,157)
    5 Kalypso-V LV 70 Doomed Jungles West(159,283)
    6 Simois-VI LV 75 Sand Castle(52,117)
    7 Achelous-VI LV 80 Cursed Desert(275,106)
    8 Axius-VII LV 85 Demigod Prairie(277,142) 9 Glaucus-IX LV 90 Nordic Land(51,256)
    10 Triton-X LV 95 Burning Land(150,191) 11 Leucothea-XI LV 100 Everstill Lands(113,108)
    12 Nereids-XII LV 105 Plain of Despair(128,224) Game Copy and Paste Cords: 1 Eos-I lvl 50 [url]Roan Harbor(65,243)[/url] 2 Eris-II lvl 55 [url]Undead Canyon(114,171)[/url] 3 Eros-III lvl 60 [url]Dwarves' Forest(80,173)[/url] 4 Naiads-IV lvl 65 [url]Doomed Jungles East(213,157)[/url] 5 Kalypso-V lvl 70 [url]Doomed Jungles West(159,283)[/url] 6 Simois-VI lvl 75 [url]Sand Castle(52,117)[/url] 7 Achelous-VI lvl 80 [url]Cursed Desert(275,106)[/url] 8 Axius-VII lvl 85 [url]Demigod Prairie(258,141)[/url] 9 Glaucus-IX LV 90 [url]Nordic Lands(51,256)[/url] 10 Triton-X 95 [url]Burning Land(150,191)[/url] 11 Leucothea-XI 100 [url]Everstill Lands(113,108)[/url] 12 Nereids-XII 105 [url]Plain of Despair(128,224)[/url] World Bosses - Copy And Paste Cords Announced
    Goblin Gary R7 [url]Dwarves' Forest(181,90)[/url]
    Berne R3 [url]Cursed Desert(65,55)[/url]
    Ashura Queen Fennis R2 [url]Doomed Jungle West(79,273)[/url] World Bosses
    Hannibal R1, R2 [url]Roans Harbor(110, 185)[/url]
    Okula R3, R4 [url]Undead Canyon(266,140)[/url]
    Blossom Queen Mileya R5, R6 [url]Dwarves' Forest(121,260)[/url]
    Ashur R7, R8 [url]Doomed Jungle East(74,145)[/url]
    Leviathon R1, R2 [url]Doomed Jungle West(83,157)[/url]
    Devil Eye R3, R4 [url]Sand Castle(94,85)[/url]
    Jadefra R5, R6 [url]Cursed Desert(211,214)[/url]
    Wolfking Karth R7, R8 [url]Demigod Prairie(80,202)[/url] Dungeon Bosses
    Ripper Lilith R2,R4,R6,R8 [url]Soulbound Caverns Level 1(222,127)[/url]
    Nyster R2,R4,R6,R8 [url]Soulbound Caverns Level 2(198,154)[/url]
    Fiend Dakar R2,R4,R6,R8 [url]Soulbound Caverns Level 3(152,192)[/url]
    Phegru R2,R4,R6,R8 [url]Temple of Withering Level 1(176,161)[/url]
    Asmodeus R2,R4,R6,R8 [url]Temple of Withering Level 2(127,151)[/url]
    Lucifer R2,R4,R6,R8 [url]Temple of Withering Level 3(149,118)[/url]
    Mammon R2,R4,R6,R8 [url]Temple of Withering Level 3(149,118)[/url]
    Lord Berus R2,R4,R6,R8 [url]Temple of Withering Level 4(162,87)[/url] Summoned
    Posiedon - 10 Oceanlord Soul Shards - Roan Harbor
    Demon Queen Moss - 10 Moss Queen Shards - Sand Castle

    Boss Pet Overview: Most Bosses Will have a low chance of dropping a Pet Egg, along with fort charms, Gem Boxes, and other goods World Annoucned Bosses:
    Goblin Garry R7 dwarves forrest (181,90)
    Pet Growth 1350-2150 DEX
    Berne realm3 cursed desert (65,55)
    Pet Growth 1500-2250 STR
    Ashura Queen Fennis realm2 Doomed jungle West (79,273)
    Pet Growth 1350-2250 INT

    World Bosses:
    Hannibal Realm 1,2 Roan Harbor (110,185)
    Pet Growth 1350-2150 STR
    Okula realm 3,4 Undead Canyon (266,140)
    Pet Growth 1350-2150 DEX
    Blossom Queen Mileya Realm 5,6 Dwarves forrest (121,260)
    Pet Growth 1350-2150 VIT
    Ashur Realm 7,8 Doomed jungle East (74,145)
    Pet Growth 1500-2250 STR
    Leviathan Realm 1,2 Doomed jungle West (83,157)
    Pet Growth 1500-2250 DEX.
    Devil Eye Realm 3,4 Sand Castle (94,85)
    Pet Growth 1500-2250
    Jadefra Realm 5,6 Cursed desert (211,214)
    Pet Growth 1650-2500 INT
    Wolfking Karth realm 7,8 Demigod prairie (80,202)
    Pet Growth 1650-2500 VIT
    Dungeon Bosses:
    T1 Soulbound caverns 50+ zone
    Ripper Lilith Realm 2,4,6,8 Soulbound caverns lv1 (222,127)
    Pet Growth 1350-2150 DEX
    Nyster the soul of agony Realm 2,4,6,8 Soulbound caverns lv2 (198,154)
    Pet Growth 1350-2150 INT
    Fiend Dakar( announced spawn) realm 2,4,6,8 Soulbound caverns lv3 (152,192)
    Pet Growth 1350-2150 STR
    T2 Temple of Withering 65+ zone
    Phegru Realm 2,4,6,8 ToW lv1 (176,161)
    Pet Growth 1500-2250 INT
    Asmodeus Realm 2,4,6,8 ToW lvl2 (127,151)
    Pet Growth 1500-2250 VIT
    Lucifer Realm 2,4,6,8 ToW lvl2 (201,191)
    Pet Growth 1500-2250 SPR
    Mammon Realm 2,4,6,8 Tow lvl3 (149,118)
    Pet Growth 1500-2250 STR
    Lord of Fury Berus realm 2,4,6,8 ToW lvl4 (162,87)
    Pet Growth 1500-2250 INT
    Summoned Bosses
    Oceanlord Poseidon requires 10 oceanlord soul shards Pet Growth 1350-2150 STR
    Demon Queen Moss requires 10 moss queen shards Pet Growth 1500-2250 INT